Fees & Offers

Price List

The fees below are only a guide.

Treatment Fees
Examination £45
Stain Removal £55
Periodontal Treatment per visit £120
White Fillings Fees
Small £95
Medium £135
Large £160
Root Canal Fees
Anterior Teeth £185
Pre-molar Teeth £285
Molar Teeth £495
Crowns Fees
Porcelain Fused to Metal £550
All Ceramic £550
Gold (86% precious metal) £700
Bridges Fees
Maryland Bridge – per unit £350
Bonded Bridge – per unit £550
Dentures Fees
Full Acrylic Upper or Lower or Both £600/£1000
Valplast £700
Cobalt-chrome £850
Bite Guard £120
Teeth Whitening Fees
Home Whitening (internet offer) £295
Internal Teeth Whitening £365
Extraction Fees
Simple £100
Complex £180
Orthodontics Fees
Inman Aligner Assessment £100
Invisalign Assessment £275
Vivera retainers (3 pairs of retainers) £365
Fixed retainer £150
Essix retainer (single removable retainer) £120
Inman Treatment from per arch £1645
Invisalign i7 £1800
Invisalign Lite £2500
Invisalign Full £3500-£4000

Please note that the Invisalign Treatment will include the Invisalign aligners, Essix retainers and Free Teeth Whitening Gels.

Single arch treatment is also available.

The assessment fee is separate to the treatment fee.

* the consultation is a complimentary chat to discuss the needs and what treatment options are available. The assessment will give you a better idea of what your teeth may look like after your treatment.