Other Services

– Teeth whitening – Air polishing – Invisalign – Cosmetic dentistry – Dental care for children – Inman Aligner – Removable dentures


protecting your teeth following root canal treatment and fractures We try and preserve tooth structure as much as possible, however if the tooth becomes weakened or is badly broken, we place a crown over the tooth to protect it from breaking further.  

Root Canal Treatment

Saving your natural teeth after the nerve has died We try and stop decay getting to the nerve by giving prevention and diet advice, however when it does, we offer root canal treatment using the latest technology to ensure it is comfortable.  


Where cavities are found we clean out the decay and place fillings We do our best to prevent decay, however where decay is found, it is cleaned and replaced with a variety of filling materials.

Periodontal Treatment

Looking after the condition of your teeth We treat any inflammation in your gums to maintain the condition of the supportive tissue around your teeth.  


Keeping teeth healthy We try and prevent decay from starting and give prevention advice to ensure you maintain healthy teeth and gums.